Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Kolkata, Asansol, West Bengal, West Bengal

  • What are the booking fees for any package booking?
  • We charge only Rs. 999 (Nine Hundred Ninety Nine) as non-refundable booking fees, which is the lowest rate in India, while others charge 50% of total amount. We believe clients should not suffer losses due to event cancellation due to some emergency.
  • What is the 100% satisfaction guarantee?
  • We charge total amount save booking fees on the date of event. You pay after makeup is over. If not satisfied, you do not pay - first one to dare to offer this in India, as we are confident about our service.
  • What is the process of booking and payment?
  • You book by calling on mobile / WhatsApp - 8697750011 or by sending email to [email protected]. Booking is confirmed based on availability of free date in calendar. Pay via Cash, Netbanking or Google Pay Rs. 999 and you get an official receipt. Rest amount is taken on the day of event after makeup completion and a tax receipt is provided.
  • What areas you serve and what are the outstation charges?
  • Bulk of clients are from Kolkata, Asansol and Burdwan - however places in 4 hour radius is also covered. The main studio and house is based in Kolkata. Hence, for Greater Kolkata area, there is Zero conveyance charge. There are branches (homes) in Burdwan and Asansol. For makeup events at branches - an additional flat conveyance charge of Rs. 499 (Burdwan) and Rs. 999 (Asansol) is taken for transportation. For areas other than that, transportation is charged based on actuals - either fuel cost and driver charge of self-owned car, or AC train / AC bus fare wherever directly available.
  • What makes Moumita Makeup different?
    1. • Apart from huge discounts, delayed payment option, this is a Govt. Of India registered MSME - we file tax return, hold original ISO certificate after audit - which 99% makeup studios lack.
      • The images we display are not photoshopped or edited in Beauty Cam like others. What you see is what you get.
      • We tailor makeovers based on budget and need of clients and do not oversell our offerings.
      • The makeup products used are either imported or bought directly from duty free / manufacturers (not fake ones from online websites or local dealers - which has side effects on skin).
      • We usually serve one client event in one day. We do not do multiple bookings on same day in different area so that clients get full attention - unlike other makeup artists who do 3-4 makeups in a day at different places and spoil each due to lack of time.
      • Makeup and hairstyle is always done by chief artist, never delegated to assistants - unlike others who delegate most of the things to assistants leading to unexpected shock to clients.
      If the client is late to be ready or we have to wait for a long time - we do not leave. Others leave without refunding fees.
  • How should a client/customer prepare for the makeup day?
    1. • Do not use Oil or Conditioner on hair on date of makeup, else haristyle will be affected.
      • Value the time of makeup artist - be ready on time and avoid idle wait time. We are punctual.
      • Don't take too many breaks and chat with others during makeup as it affects artist's concentration and time.
      • Be ready with payment after makeup is over. Customer is Queen and Queen does not bargain or delay payment further.
      • We will need a plug point for Makeup light close to where makeup will be done (in case of bridal packages).
  • What is the vision of Moumita Makeup?
  • To take makeup to the masses. The vision is to become #1 affordable makeup company (service and education) in India by 2030.
  • What are the fees for Bridal Makeup Mastery course?
  • Academy at Garia, Kolkata based on total hands-on training is closed and relocation of studio is underway - will open in August 2023. The fees for a 10 week diploma course on "Bridal Makeup Mastery" is Rs. 19,999. We offer scholarship based on initial entrance exam and financial condition. We are working with Universities to make the diploma aid in getting professional jobs in India and abroad. We also offer 1-week MasterClass certificate at Rs. 3,999 only. Stay tuned for updates.